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Welcome to Southwest Regional AA Service Assembly

Welcome to Southwest Regional AA Service Assembly

Welcome to Southwest Regional AA Service AssemblyWelcome to Southwest Regional AA Service Assembly

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SWRAASA Frequently Asked Questions


SWRAASA 2020  - Frequently Asked Questions  SWRAASA2020.com


For those in the Southwest Region of Alcoholics Anonymous to learn and share about the General Service Structure at the group, district, area, and conference levels, and to share information on the trusted service positions within that framework.

Q: What is the Southwest Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly (SWRAASA)?

A: The Southwest Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service assembly is a 3-day meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Every 2 years Areas in the Southwest Region take turns hosting this 3-day Assembly to share with each other how they carry the AA message of recovery. Each Area only gets the opportunity to host this event every 22 years.

Q: What is the Southwest Region?

A: The Southwest Region includes 11 Areas: Area 4 – Arkansas, Area 10 – Colorado, Area 25 – Kansas, Area 38 – Eastern Missouri, Area 39 – Western Missouri, Area 46 – New Mexico, Area 57 – Oklahoma, Area 65 – Northeast Texas, Area 66 – Northwest Texas, Area 67- Southeast Texas, and Area 68 – Southwest Texas.

Q: What is the program?

A: There are general sessions as well as workshops with speakers and sharing from the floor. Some examples are: Secretary, Treasurer, GSR, AA History, Archives, Area Chair, Area Assemblies, Bridge the Gap, Conventions, Corrections, DCM, Delegate/Alt. Delegate, Website, Traditions, CPC, Service Sponsorship, Concepts etc.

Q: Where and when will SWRAASA 2020 be held?

A: SWRAASA 2020 will be held in the Northwest TX Area in Amarillo, Texas at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 550 S. Buchanan Street.  The date is October 9-11, 2020.

Q: How much does it cost to stay in the Embassy Suites?

A: A room rate of $135.00+tax per night has been negotiated with the Hotel. The phone number is (806) 803-5500. The overflow hotel is the Courtyard Marriott (806) 553-4500. Reservations can be made after October 1st, 2019.

Q: How much does it cost to register for SWRAASA?

A: There is a $15.00 Registration Fee to attend SWRAASA 2020. Flyers and Registration Forms can be found at swraasa2020.com. Some scholarships will be available.

Q: Who can attend SWRAASA?

A: Every AA member can attend SWRAASA. You do not have to have ever held a service position. SWRAASA is a great opportunity to learn more about service work and carrying the message of AA. The average attendance at past SWRAASAs is 500 to 700 people.